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What Hi-Spa Is All About

HI-Spa Association is a collaborative group of like-minded Spa Professionals whose goal is to put Hawaii on the map as a significant player in the World Leisure and Wellness Market. Our mission is to use our cooperative efforts to increase the overall market share of Spa and Wellness services in Hawaii's leisure market, and by networking and sharing our combined ideas and expertise, we will create a unique niche solely for Hawaii spas and local spa vendors.

What's Happening

Happy New Year! New events have been UPDATED! 

Check out our events calendar here.

If you need to renew your membership, navigate to our Memberships page and follow the easy steps to get renewed.

Also congratulations to our Board Member Jen Holzworth, who is now our Vice President!

Also, a fully updated Member list will be coming out shortly, so that everyone can see who's joined the party at Hi-Spa.